Pearl is a Mother!

Pearl, my baby chick, came home yesterday with four little baby chicks of her own!




I remember when Pearl was as big as her chicks!

mark n pearl

10 thoughts on “Pearl is a Mother!

  1. Too cute, too cute, just too, too cute. I can see why you call her Pearl. She looks like one. Isn’t it funny how they manage to survive when they go “you don’t know where”? BTW, there’s nothing like a photo of a tough looking man holding a very delicate tiny baby. That is too cute, too.

  2. Oh, and uh – it’s a rather good thing you didn’t pick her up the other day to put her in her house when she came squawking and flapping her wings from somewhere. And looking a little bedraggled. My hens do that when they are sitting on eggs for a long time. Or you wouldn’t have 4 cute chickies to watch. Ha!

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