People are sheep

When the first ever pay-per-view event came out, a Mike Tyson fight 15 0r 20 years ago, I was telling everyone I knew that if nobody signed up for pay-per-view, it wouldn’t exist. But nobody could miss one Mike Tyson fight, and now there’s pay per view everywhere.

After hurricane Ivan here, when the theater re-opened, they were charging I think it was $10 or $12 CI for a movie. I was telling everyone, If nobody goes, they’ll be forced to lower the price. But people had to go see the movies, they complained, but they paid. (I still haven’t been to that theater) Now there’s a second theater that’s opened, who saw they can charge outrageous prices for admission, so they do. (Competition drove the price down a little since then, but it’s still too high.)

I went to Wendys hamburgers a few months ago, and got my usual quarter pound single. I thought they made a mistake and gave me the Junior Cheesburger by mistake and went back up to the counter. Nope, that’s the new single size. Now I’m done with Wendys, I’ll never go back, but that won’t hurt them any. People will just keep buying the reduced size burger.

I’m refinancing my house right now, getting a not so great deal, I went in to sign the papers yesterday and left, because it was a one-sided ripoff. But I can’t fight by myself. Since the bank has already made many loans with such poor terms, they won’t negotiate, and I have to accept poor terms as well. So I have no choice really, except go back and sign. It’s a better deal than I have now, but still not a good deal.

The people have the power, but they don’t use it. The corporations decide to rip everyone off, and people complain, but they let them get away with it.

That’s what the frikkin’ problem is.

One more thing, I’m glad the US Government decided not to bailout the auto industry. Of course the unions were willing to take pay cuts, that’s because they know they’ve been overpaid for years. The parasite may have killed it’s host. $20,000 for a car that won’t even even last as long as your car loan. A piece of garbage soda can lasts centuries, why can’t they make a frikkin car like that? ‘Cause they know you’re going to buy another car when yours rots!

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  1. Hold on now. The auto buyout is not over yet. They WILL do it, the only question is for how much. Movies are still pretty cheap here in Alabama, $7 for a matinee, $9 for a regular show. They get you with the snacks, drinks and popcorn. I agree with you though people don’t use their power. L

  2. Some with sports man, if the teams wouldn’t pay these outrageous contracts, players wouldn’t be able to demand them.Likewise, if the fans don’t go to the games, the owners wouldn’t be able to pay the players as well.Also, I only go to the discount theater here – $1.25 per show. Of course the food is horrendously overpriced to compensate, but if you eat before you go – you can escape pretty cheap.

  3. You are right on the money Mark! It works the same with the elections. Everyone wants “change” but they aren’t willing to step outside the Democrat/Republican box and vote for real change. It’s fear. I think fear that is driven by the media. It’s media that rules everything. People have to go see these over priced movies or something terrible will happen. So, they go. I don’t see it ever changing. Unless everyone adopts the “people are sheep” theory and decide they don’t want to be a sheep.