I am kind of disappointed because I tried to post all three of the pics below all at once. I emailed them and I got return emails saying
“Attachment is over size limit.
Error code: 8.1767F51″
Untill I reduced their size tll they were too small. Then the post had the text and no pics.
The only way I can post pics is by using Hello, one pic at a time. ALthough I do think I emailed one pic from my phone.
On the “Create” and “Edit posts” pages there are links that boast “Add Image” but they don’t work.
So I was in a great mood and now I’m kinda bummed out.

4 thoughts on “Perturbed

  1. Hi Mark. The way I do it is: post the picture to your blog using Hello~ it should appear as its own entry. Then go into edit post, copy the hmtl location and re-save the picture post as draft. Create new post and paste hmtl. Save the new post as draft until you have done this for all the pictures you want in the post of the day, and written whatever you want.Then post the new post and all the pictures should appear within that post. You can then go and delete the original drafts saved.Good luck!

  2. The e-mail process did not work for me either.I have been posting my pics as Debi outlined. It’s a pain when you have a lot. However it seems to be the only way.

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