Piranesi – a book

Finished this book, Piranesi, yesterday. I gave it 4 stars. Definitely worth reading.

It’s about this guy who lives in a “house” (more like massively huge abandoned shopping mall/museum) that is full of rooms and stairs and vestibules and statues and weather and astronomy and oceans with tides coursing through the lower halls. There are statues in almost every room. His name, he was told, is Piranesi.

Piranesi thinks there are 16 people in the world. 13 sets of human remains he has found, himself, a twice weekly visitor called “The Other, and “16”. “The Other” says 16 is an enemy and she must be avoided. Even talking to her would drive Piranesi insane.

I wish you’d read it and we can discuss it. The forum for this book is pretty bland. “Oh, it’s about covid lockdown and isolation and the labyrinth of life.” Bullshit. Its science fiction. Or just fiction, because the science missing. Hence only 4 stars.

I want to know how The House got there and where it is. And what causes Piranesi to forget who he was.

It’s a very good book. Unique and I couldn’t put it down. So read it please, and me back to me on this.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I’m probably not going to read this. But I posted this post on FB where I know a bunch of read-a-holics. Maybe you’ll get a response from a few of them.

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