Pirates Week Weekend

It’s Friday! Pirates Week! I’m in the landing! After 13 years of working every Pirates Week with the radio station, I get to go to one and not be working! I’m in the landing.Let me tell ya how it works.

In a nutshell:

Pirates come ashore, and capture the Governor and take over the island. Then, they have a parade and big party. Then, all week, they go from district to district, they have a Heritage Day in each different district, and you wear a pirates uniform. Then that night they have a street (or beach) party there too. Then the next day, it moves to another district.

Then the next weekend, the Caymanians finally repel the pirates, and and have another big party, then things get back to normal.

This is secret! Don’t tell anybody! I am a Redcoat Pirate! I’m dressed as a Redcoat, supposed to protect the Governor. But when the Pirates attack, I shed my Red Coat, and I am a pirate underneath! It’s all part of the plan!
Here’s me trying on my Redcoat uniform. Don’t tell anyone I’m really a Pirate!

0 thoughts on “Pirates Week Weekend

  1. Well aren't you cute! Actually red is a good color for you! You better grow some whiskers if yer gonna be a fierce Pirate!! Have a great time! Sounds like a great, great time!! and a ton of fun! You and your wife will look just charming together!!!! …debbie

  2. these photos are gorgeous, congratulations, you find that the uniform is very good, good work and do not worry I will not tell anyone that you are a pirate !!!!!!! AH Ah, ah!