pissed and more pissed

Yesterday, I called my Mom and asked her to try to get through to Spirit Air. She was able, and actually talked to a person.
Talking to her made me realize how upset I am about this whole thing. I mean, I don’t even have any shoes, the only shoes I have are the ones I wore on the plane.
I went to the airport to look again yesterday. They’re telling me it doesn’t look good. Since I haven’t been able to get through to Spirit Air, I haven’t been able to get the paperwork I need to file a claim. However, last night, somebody at Cayman Air gave me a copy of Spirits paperwork that I needed. Cayman Air has been more than helpful. They’ve been calling and haven’t gotten through either.
The tone of the Spirit Air paperwork is insulting, demanding receipts for everything and etcera. It has warnings of mail fraud and if they suspect anything, they may not consider my claim at all. It really pissed me off. They charged a fee specifically for my luggage, thereby assuming responsibility. I think they should be more hat-in-hand, trying to remedy the situation, instead of threatening me because of their screwup.
I’m really upset. Maybe my Dear ‘Ol Mom can fix it.

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  1. Lost luggage is a hard pill to swallow. I hope you get it back and soon and I hope next time you’ll fly the national airline.