Pissed at Canon Cameras

I really liked my Canon SX 1, but when I got it, it had a problem, it would give me a low battery warning and shut down with new batteries. I sent it in for warranty repair, and they fixed it. But when I got it back, it had white flecks in the pictures, probably from dirt on the CMOS photo chip.
I could live with the flecks, it wasn’t bad for daytime photos.
Now, less than a year later, my camera has the same problem, low battery warning with new batteries.

This time, their service system seems all screwed up. I want to send it back for repair, and they keep saying they can’t find my camera using the FedEx tracking number. WTF?!!?

4 thoughts on “Pissed at Canon Cameras

  1. I love my Canon. I have a Rebel XT. Would love to upgrade to a newer model. Mines about 5-6 years old. Still good though! That camera you got is a nice camera – sorry you had trouble with it…debbie

  2. Hey Mark,I move on July 1st. And you're right, I WILL start a blog for the racier dreams and happenings around here. I bet I would get 100 comments a day. I'll email you on FB when its up.

  3. well that sucks. for what its worth, i have a cannon with built in wi-fi and i love it. ive had it about 5 years now..

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