Playing It By Ear

Monday morning again. I remember last Monday, I feel a lot better than I did then.
I worked all weekend, sound job, recording a convention. So today I’m ready for a day off. But if I have to go move the dish to the other satellite, I supposed I will go move the dish.
But, for the most part, I’m playing today by ear.
I need to go to the bank, I need to go to the post office, hopefully to pick up my present from my In-Laws which was sent last year as a Christmas Present. I predict it will be a coffee cup. I could mow the yard, but I doubt that will happen.

5 thoughts on “Playing It By Ear

  1. well for Pete's sake, mow the grass!! good exercise! And it's such a pretty day!! Oh I like presents, perhaps it's 2 coffee cups!! lol If you worked hard alllll day, doing yard work, you'd sleep much better!!…debbie

  2. I hope you have a good Monday, and the gift is NOT a coffee cup!Don't ya just hate it when you can predict what a gift is?Particularly if you get the same gift every year!

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