I’ve been an early riser for years and years. I used to always get up and swim and run, but lately, not without occasional resentment, I’m reduced to walking the dogs. I worry about getting older and staying in shape and figured that as long as I walk the dogs a good, brisk mile everyday, I’ll be fine.

Well, last week, I was walking ’em and “Plink” it felt like a string broke in my calf. Instantly my calf felt like it was having a bad, bad cramp. I limped home, hoping I wasn’t maimed for life and the wife put some kind of menthol or hot lotion on in, and after a couple of days, it felt allright. I guess I’m lucky.

After that, I realized that human health doesn’t always gradually decline like going down a ramp, and one can do battle to prevent the decline. Health can drop off suddenly, like stepping down a step at the plink of a guitar string.

Sudden death is also possible. It isn’t fair that a young, healthy person can suddenly be dead in a car crash, drug overdose or disease. From perfect health to death is a big drop. It sucks.

In other news, it was a good weekend, wen snorkeling and spent quality time with the wife.

I don’t think I mentioned, but I finished Don Quixote, the first book. The author waited 10 years to write the second book and I think I’m gonna wait 10 years to read it.

Now I’m reading Arthur C Clarke’s “A Time Odyssey” trilogy. I finished ‘Times Eye’ and am about a quarter way through ‘Sunstorm’. Quite good science fiction.

And it’s another Monday! Friday I start some vacation, even though we can’t leave the island. Work is making us use it or lose it. Can’y blame them…

Have a great week!

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