Poisoning Dogs

Apparently, someone is putting out poison for dogs in areas that include where I walk Lenny and Daisy. Also putting it in people’s yards and one dog got poisoned while on the leash walking.

What assholes it must take to poison randomly. Who can possibly have so much hate and be so evil?

So yesterday and this morning it was “Yard Walks”. Crazy Daisy Dukes and Lenny couldn’t understand it. They were rarin’ to go, over the horizon, like every morning. I was telling them “No Pulling” while dragging them to the left, away from the gate to temporary leashed freedom.

Today is my work Christmas Party. I wasn’t too popular when I recommended we cancel it at a staff meeting, due to an extreme reduction in airport revenue. So instead of a fancy restaurant, we’re having a lunch in the board room. That ought save a little money.

Still cold here, but the clouds are breaking up. Hope for a sunny weekend!

One thought on “Poisoning Dogs

  1. It’s sad but there are people like that out there. They’re the ones that turn into serial killers.

    I’m glad your guys are OK. The title of the post got me worried.

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