Poor, Poor Garbage Trucks!

Weekend. It wasn’t the greatest weekend.

I was trying to be clever, the title of this post was going to be “Not The Greatest Weekend”, but I’m not very clever. So at the last minute, I changed the title.

Last week the wife caught a sore throat and cold. She even took a sick day. End of last week, I started getting sick too. Friday, I went to bed about 7:20 and got up about 12 hours later, stayed up about 3 hours and slept again till for another 6.

Yesterday, (Sunday) I snoozed a lot, and cleaned my side of the closet. I should have taken a before and after picture. I’ve got a pretty huge “give away pile”. I also cleaned the kitchen. Enjoy it while it lasts. My wife is definitey the messy one around here!

Last night, neither one of us could sleep, the sound of loud coughing coughing coughing. It was ridiculous. This morning, I feel well enough to go to work, but my advice to you is this: Get sick during the work week, not on the weekend.

Mondays around here are garbage days. I was walking the dogs this morning and saw the garbage men and their truck. I started thinking. “Imagine a new garbage truck. Imagine the fresh paint, the New Car smell, the beautiful paint, brand new and clean inside the garbage area. Shiny. Fresh paint smell. Imagine you’re the garbage man an you have to be the first one to throw someones can full of rotten wet stinky fetid foul putrid gross nauseating garbage in a brand new, sparkly clean garbage truck.” (I took all the commas out because the effect is, I think, better!)

I probably couldn’t do it, or at least, I’d need some psychological couselling aftwards. I could never forgive my self. Poor, poor garbage trucks!

Have a good week, stay well. Try not to think of those poor, poor garbage trucks, Try not to think of how they were new and loved once!

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