It has been a good week. I finished my Network Plus Course and finally got my website up. After almost two months of dealing with LIME’s astounding incompetence, I went to another hosting company and had the site up in less than 24 hours. Hey LIME! If you can’t do web hosting, just say you can’t do web hosting!
My website is still pretty crude, but I’ll be working on it more today. And I don’t mind your input.

0 thoughts on “Productive

  1. I think your website will be effective. I like the fact that you highlighted "on site" in bold. A lot of people hate actually bringing in their computers for work. I know I do…

  2. Mark, your Website is not crude. It's very user friendly, which is the KEY!! Being an "On Site" repair will be your key! People hate unhooking all those wires, and then when you get it back, something won't work after you hook it all back up! My repair fella is sooo close, but I have to take my hard drive in…I'd pay more if he would come to the house, but he won't because he's so busy….debbie

  3. Look good to me, very well put together. Good luck and I'm praying your business takes off like wildfire. As Debbie said, it would be nice to have someone like you closer, especially since I'm computer challenged, LOL!!!! Blessings for your day,Kelle