q-tip shoved way up my nose

Tuesday today, the 26th. May has gone by fast.

I’m getting the lenses on my glasses replaced again. They scratched up really bad again. When I try to clean them, the surface of the lens turns to milky cream that doesn’t come off. When it does finally come off, the lenses are scratched. Using the optometrist supplied cleaner spray and cloth. My mother-in-law said it was the anti reflective coating. The owner of the glasses company mentioned the anti reflective coating while I was there. I told them to leave it off these new lenses. I’ve never had worse glasses.

Not much to post about today. I started re-reading Orange Is the New Black, the book. During this covid thing, I broke out my old KIndle, and have been reading a lot. I was thinking about buying a new Kindle, as mind is a second generation. I haven’t smoked any cigars in over a onth, and a Kindle costs way less than I spent on cigars in a month. The only thing stopping me is that there’s nothing wrong with the old Kindle. And they’re marked up way high. Here on the island, they’re $189 CI, which is over $200 US. And they’re supposed to cost $129 US. I heard it said, “That’s What Money Is For”..

I slept good, woke up a little early, but I feel lacking in energy and enthusiasm today. I rekkon I’ll get a q-tip shoved way up my nose this morning at precisely 10:12 AM for my covid test. Mike told me that’s how they do it. I guess the throat version I saw on TV was fiction, are they? Think about it. On TV, they’re not gonna show somebody shoving a q-tip way up somebody else’s nose, are they? There’d be riots. Mayhem. Protests. Revolt. The throat version was fake news, I figure.

Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “q-tip shoved way up my nose

  1. I’ve seen both on TV. Nose and throat but mostly nose. I saw your headline and did a LOL.

    I always get an anti reflective coating and have never had a problem. But I’m going one step further than most people. I get industrial safety glasses. ANSI Z87 frames and lenses. The optical shop has to send them out to a special lab to get them made. Yes they cost more but if you work in an industrial environment a little extra safety is a good thing. If you want to see what frames are available you can go to US Safety where I get my frames. I sure there are more companies out there.

    • Amusing titles are hard to come by.
      Since I already paid outrageously for the lenses, I’m sticking with the “no more money” plan.

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