Quarantine Over

Officially, 4:30 yesterday morning, the Grand Cayman quarantine ended. In a nutshell, the only restrictions now are masks in public places indoors and social distancing.

I went diving yesterday and it was great. Went to a birthday party in the afternoon, and it wasn’t. There was no social distancing, the people with masks had them around their neck or in their hand, or in their car. My wife and I were wearing our masks, and we left very soon after arrivng. People don’t get it. Everyone knows a cloth mask can’t stop a virus. What the mask does is stop the aerosol particles that come out your mouth and nose when you talk or sneeze or cough. In other words, the mask doesn’t protect you, it protects the people around you. The surgeon in the operating room isn’t wearing the mask to protect himself from the patient, he’s wearing it to protect the patient.

Not wearing your mask is very disrespectful.

Hopefully a scuba video will be coming tomorrow. My main drawback is a decent Android editor. I don’t tolerate editors that flash advertisements in my face when I’m using it, then leave a watermark on my video. The developer gets paid by his advertisers, if he wants to advertise on my video, he has to pay me.

I mentioned earlier about the one word spammers. Had ‘ em hit this weekend. I think they just test the anti spam of sites.

I used to just delete them, but now I mark them as spam. Your comments are auto approved, of course, if you’ve already had approved comments.

Have a great week!

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  1. Here in New Zealand masks have never been mandatory. Lots of people wore them for a while, but hardly anyone does now. Brylee has been wearing one in public the past few days as she has a cold.

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