Quiet Please!

It’s Thursday, we have a visitor sleeping inside, so I’m trying to be quiet. Everything seems noisier when you”re trying to be quiet. The sound of the scoop scooping the dogfood was deafening. The coffee pot sounded like a chainsaw. Every click of my heel sounds like a firecracker.


Today should be a busy day at work. Two big meetings. Sometimes I act like I care when I don’t. Life is a lot about faking it, I think. Pretend.

Don’t want to go there. Maybe this can be a topic for another day.


7 thoughts on “Quiet Please!

  1. i’m sure your guest appreciated you trying…

    did you not have a cigar in your fingers at one time in your header photo? yesterday, i noticed it wasn’t there. or am i delusional?

  2. Happy Thursday!

    Love the image of Peter. What a guy….

    We’re ashore for a couple more days for meetings. It’s fun to be able to check in via my USA connection. 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend.

    All the best from Coconut Grove,

  3. We must be leading parallel lives. I have family in from out of town. They are night owls so that means that in the morning when I start work, I have to be quiet because they are still sleeping…..

    Go figure…

  4. Sorry it’s still Thursday there Mark. I do heaps of faking it, in many situations.
    The only situation one should never fake is with one’s partner! I think you would agree! *smiles*

  5. That goes like quadruple when there’s a baby sleeping. Let sleeping dogs lie and all that. 😉 Hope it’s a good visit!

  6. in my house the boys (long time ago)found out if they tip toed when they came in past their curfew I’d wake up in a snap..but if they came in slamming doors talking normal..I’d never wake up..

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