Quite The Rainy Day Yesterday

Yesterday it rained all day, quite heavily. Not to mention reports of houses and roads flooding. Below are some pictures of our flooded yard, the flooded pool, and I tried to take a shot of droplets on a plant I had put outside to get some water. 
Today the forecast says 100% chance of rain, but it didn’t rain last night and isn’t raining now.
The yard was over 6 inches deep most places. It’s deeper than it looks in this picture because the grass is very tall
The pool would have overflowed if I didn’t keep pushing the lip down.
 Sooo. This didn’t come out as cool as I had hoped…

7 thoughts on “Quite The Rainy Day Yesterday

  1. I don't mind rain like that for a couple of days, but that's all, please. I think you need some sun backlighting those droplets maybe? Or… good luck with that, it's hard to get it right, but fun to work on.

  2. Mmm, you need some hills over there to get that water flowing down to the sea instead of filling up yards. Aw, let the pool overflow. How many times have I taken a photo thinking, "oooh, this will look so great." Yeah.

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