Rain Rain and more rain

Here it’s raining and thundering and dark and cloudy. I’m freezing, I’m thinking of buying a jacket.
Here’s a pic of the view from my room, see the rainstorm on the horizon? It’s coming right at me!

PS: Look at the pool in the pic, there’s been so much rain that it’s practically overflowing!

0 thoughts on “Rain Rain and more rain

  1. In a tropical paradise, there is not supposed to be cold rain!:-)That’s a lovely picture though. Reminds me a bit of home (I grew up in St. Thomas)

  2. Yuk, it has been raining here too for the last couple of days. But, here as you know, it’s chilly and wet. Double yuk! I hope the sun comes out soon!

  3. Even with the rainy conditions in your pic I would rather be there than here in the Midwest. Well, soon I may NOT be in the Midwest. Oh well.