Ready for a Weekend!

Today will be expensive. My car is ready. They did a lot of rust removal (I found a big patch under the carpet in the back. And they fixed my famous oil leak. I never had to change my oil, just add. (My car doens’t really leak oil, it just marks it’s spot)
I got paid Wednesday, but have been so busy I haven’t made it to the bank. I have to pay all my bills. And grocery shopping. And the OI Girl wants me to go see her.
It was hard to wake up this morning.
I hope to do a dive this weekend, and have made plans to kayak with a friend who has never been.

0 thoughts on “Ready for a Weekend!

  1. Sorry about the expensive day. I hate those. I’m going to try and lay low and not spend too much money this weekend.Yeah, right.

  2. Nothing beats a payday weekend. And there isn’t much you can spend it on if you are underwater! btw, what OI mean? Often wondered.