I went back to that beach Imentioned a few days ago and went up those stairs and through that bramble of sea grape trees. It was really cool on the other side. Apparently, someone was going to build some condos there or something but never really got started. There is quite a lot of expensive stonework and nothing more. I’ve heard it’s been that way for more than 10 years.

I found one geo-cache there and another at the East End Light house. I deposited the travel bug I found last weekend at Stonewall Beach then found another travel bug at East End Lighthouse.

After that I went to the Fosters Annual 800 Meter Sea Swim, While I was swimming, I thought I was doing fairly well, but was dissapointed at the place I came in. But my time was good, less that 20 minutes. The little kids amaze me though. Some of the 8 and 9 year olds swim it in under 10 minutes. If we measure by body lengths, that’s fast! Suppose the race is 1000 of my body lengths, and a kid is half my height. So it’s 2000 of his/her body lengths. If they swim it in half the time, then proportionally, they’re going four times faster than me. I wish I could go four times faster than I go.

Here’s a hot sexy picture to drive the ladies wild. The H3 on my arm means that if I pass out, call the Hospital in less than 3 minutes. How do you like my hat an’ shades?

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  1. You’re KILLING me here! H3, I almost fell for that explanation. Ha ha! Love the red hat dude!I would like some closeups of the sea grape trees and some explaination please. I have never heard of a sea grape. Is it some sort of edible fruit or just ornamental?

  2. Just so you know, the swim cap is issued to you when you sign up and you are required to wear it.I didn’t actually buy a red swim cap.Mine’s pink with flowers!

  3. Nice pictures. After seeing that last one…I forgot what the rest of your post even said!Sorry…but it was your fault. 🙂