Remember Facebook?

Remmber when Facebook was fun? Addictive even?

I remember when I’d check Facebook a thousand times a day. Spending hours, scrolling down the wall, seeing tons of good stuff. Then you click a notification that pops up, and it puts you right back at the top of the wall, ready (and happy) to start scrolling down again.

Not anymore. Now it’s fake news and adverts, rules an regulations, pressure to join a “group” or comment on something. Annoyance. Now I go on once or twice a week, and usually click the “clear notifications” button and I’m gone again.

I’m trying to remember the social media that was big before Facebook, buy can’t. Maybe soon I won’t remember Facebook.

It’s supposed to be a rainy week here. It was half cloudy yesterday, with thunderstorms cruising around, dropping random swaths of rain.

Today at work I have training, another course with a three initial name.

I slept good but I’m tired. Have a good day.