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The other day, I was having a back-and-forth chat conversation on Facebook. All of a sudden, I got a message that the person I was chatting with sent me an invitation to install the spyware app, Facebook Messenger. I asked him if he sent the invite, and he said no.

So I sent him a screengrab of the invite, showing him that FB Messenger was sending messages in his name without his permission or knowledge.

Several times, I’ve opened Facebook on my browser and had invites to install Facebooks malicious spyware on my device. But this is the first time one has come up in the middle of an active conversation.

Think about it, if you’re sending messages on Faebook, you can’t even tell if the other party using messenger or if they’re their browser. But that FB spyware app can!

Facebook Messenger is malware. Read the permissions. I recommend everyone uninstall it and use Facebook on your browser.

Several months ago, (I think I mentioned it here) Facebook attempted to force it’s users to install their spyware malware app by turning off messages in the mobile browsers, blocking them with a message that your messages are only available if you installed FB Messenger.

I never installed it, and I didn’t see or reply to FB messages the whole time FB was blocking it. Eventually, they quit blocking it, probably after thousands more people installed the malware spyware app.

I’ve also heard stories, for example, say you DON’T own cats. Sit near your FB Messenger device and talk about cat food several times. Soon you will start getting adverts for cat food.

The app has permission to operate your device’s camera and microphone at aany time wiithout your permission. Apparently, FB keeps that mic open, a lot. Maybe your camera too..

Do your own reserch, come to your own conclusion. But just receiving messages in the middle of my conversations that the other party didn’t send is proof enough for me. Even though I already thought Facebook Messenger App spyware/malware.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Remove Facebook Spyware

  1. I messaged a person on my phone. Not messenger but just regular text message about her pet sitter. After that I started getting pet sitter ads on Facebook

  2. No microphones or cameras on our computers. I have a tablet but it’s turned off most of the time. My cell phone is so old it doesn’t have apps.

    • The app goes only on mobile devices. On you computer, you’re using the browser.

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