Repeat Dream (sort of)

Last night I dreamed I had a death sentence and it was the day I was going to be executed. I was walking around with my wife, giving away keys from my keychain, and showing people the funny pants I was carrying to wear when it was time. The legs were about 8 feet long, and had no holes for your feet to come out. The pants legs came to points.
Also since it was my last day on earth, if I wanted something, someone would cut to the front of the line and get it for me. Like a cup of raw corn.
This was at least the third time I dreamed I had a death sentence and was to be executed.
Weird thing, walking downstairs to walk the dogs, there was a gecko on the wall going down with me. My policy is kill geckos. I swept him from the wall to the floor to stomp, but couldn’t do it. He ran back up the wall to the same relative position as before. Normally they’re very elusive and run as soon as they see me. I told him I didn’t feel like killing anything today.
So now I’m on my first cup of coffee, and my brain is weird.

2 thoughts on “Repeat Dream (sort of)

  1. I have a reoccurring dream that the end of the world has come. It usually involved me outside watching a bomb drop and feeling a little panic. The bomb hits and a mushroom cloud forms. I brace for impact with my shoulders down as if a big wave is about to hit me on the beach. It hits me, but I can never tell if I die in the dream. I always remember thinking to myself “am I dead, I’m still thinking.” I usually wake up after that. Dreams a weird.

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