Repeat! New Phone

I need a new phone. My Treo is biting the dust. I dropped it yesterday, and the memory card won’t stay in.
I almost bought a BlackBerry Javelin, but they were out of stock, and coming home and looking at the features, it sucks. It has nothing.
Palm, with it’s 10 plus year old technology, is still light years ahead of anything else I can find. I am so mad at Palm Inc’s marketing people for letting them fall behind practically killing the company.

They have a superior product and they didn’t sell it, now they are gone as far as I am concerned, there is one new phone, the Palm Pre, but it has Web OS, which isn’t compatible with the Palm OS software, which is what I have.

All I can see that I think I’d like is the iPhone, but they nickle and dime you to death, I’ve heard. Not to mention super expensive, over $1000 for the newest one, unlocked.

SO, what phone do you have, do you like it?