Responding To Messages

When I received a message, I respond almost immediately. I must be the only one. Most others take hours, days, or don’t respond at all.

I wonder if people think I’m desperate by replying instantly. I don’t think so. To me, not responding might be kinda rude. It makes me feel unimportant to the person I’m messaging. Of course, a person’s phone is their tool, to use as they wish.

Its still odd, a conversation lasting over days, where the I respond immediately, like a talking conversation, and they reply like they’re mailing a letter snail mail.

What are your thoughts on responding to messages?; Sooner? Or later?

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Responding To Messages

  1. I respond as soon as I see the message which may not be for hours because I don’t get that many messages. I hate texting.

  2. 😀 I know this one! The speed with which we reply to messages usually IS directly proportional to our interest in the person or the subject. But the clock only starts ticking once the person has had an opportunity to actually see the message which, depending on many factors, could reasonably take hours (work, nap, iceskating, etc.) One thing’s for sure though. Everyone has to stop what they’re doing at some point during the day so, if a message sent during the day goes unanswered overnight, it’s pretty safe to assume either the other party was abducted by aliens or they just really don’t care. And yes those are the only two possibilities.

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