Phone In Bed

I have to stop with the three “It’s” in bed Twitter, Tumblr and TikTok. It keeps me awake too late. Sometimes almost 10:30 or 11. I don’t have any other social media, (except unused LinkedIn.)

I need sleep. More sleep, better sleep all sleep. I like to read, but the phone gets in the way of reading, book in hand, phone on book. By the time I put the phone down, there’s not time to read.

i gotta try to get control .

It’s very cold and winds from the north again this morning. I went to my swim spot yesterday and it was very rough. I think I’ve swam twice in the past 2 months.

Not a very positive post today…

Havva goodun anyway !

Responding To Messages

When I received a message, I respond almost immediately. I must be the only one. Most others take hours, days, or don’t respond at all.

I wonder if people think I’m desperate by replying instantly. I don’t think so. To me, not responding might be kinda rude. It makes me feel unimportant to the person I’m messaging. Of course, a person’s phone is their tool, to use as they wish.

Its still odd, a conversation lasting over days, where the I respond immediately, like a talking conversation, and they reply like they’re mailing a letter snail mail.

What are your thoughts on responding to messages?; Sooner? Or later?

Have a great day!

One Word Throwoff

i like doing the crossword from the newspaper. This particular one was frustrating. I put AURA instead of HALO (top left across) and was stumped. The whole puzzle was practically blank. Once I realized the error of my ways, and switched it to HALO, the while puzzle fell into place and was done in about five minutes.

One word threw off the whole puzzle, quite unique.

have a happy Tuesday!

Turn Off Upcoming Alarm?

Most mornings, I notice my watch buzz inappropriately. This morning i discovered it was my phone asking me if I wanted to turn off the upcoming alarm! Is it just me, or is that a moronic question to ask? Waking me up to tell me i have to wake up in half an hour, do I want to turn off the alarm? The answer is not only no, but hell no! And furthermore, If i wanted to be awakened a half hour earlier than the time for which I set the alarm, I would have set the alarm for a half hour earlier!

Needless to say, today I will figure out how to turn off this rediculous notification.


Happy Thursday!

Blah Notamonday

At least it’s not Monday. I was sleeping good when the alarm went off this morning. I am groggy and sore this morning. All my muscles hurt like i was lifting weights (but I wasn’t) My right ankle is swollen but i didn’t do anything to hurt it.

At least i don’t feel as bad as this kid!

Yesterday was a holiday day for the Kings Coronation.

Have a wonderful week!

Older Than I Think

I think I’m much older than I think i am . I see people who i think are about my age, and sometimes find out they are much younger than me. People who are actually near my age i think are much older than me.

This is a disturbing altercation in my perception of reality.

im in excellent health and should live forever, but I’m so old, i might die any minute!

And nothing in between!

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Wait A Few Days

I have no idea what I’m going to post about today.

Refering to yesterday and my lost Kindle Scribe case, there is no employee by the name given by the Amazon driver. And the office wasn’t even open that day it was allegedly delivered. Amazon is looking into it, and will email me in a few days, but my gut says gone.

Also missing is a Washington Commie shirt. Allegedly delivered by DHL. My delivery agent says it’s probably at the post office, we should wait a few days..

So I’m waiting a few days….

Its almost Friday, unfortunately there is allegedly a nuther weather system moving in to spoil the weekend..

c’est la vie. That’s French. It means Say La Vee. Say La Vee means: Don’t lose any sleep over it.

Ciao (That’s Italian. It means Chow, see you at suppertime!)

Hoppy Froidy

Yesterday all I got done was cleaning a small section of my closet, and sorted through my t-shirts and shorts. It would have taken you a half hour, it took me all day.

I found a wrapped gift next to the wall, behind a box. A very nice journal. I guess it was a gift for the wife that fell out of the stack in the hiding place.

i went out and got some plastic storage containers for all the t shirts I won’t be needing for a while, if ever.

Today is probably yard work day…

Have a great weekend.