Restless Irritable and Discontented

I sure don’t feel like going to work today.
I’m trying to think of something to write.
Yesterday afternoon I woke up from a nap I didn’t remember laying down for. I woke up wondering where I was and how I got there. I had a weird dream too. I found a tartar missile, and set it off just for fun, like fireworks. It flew about 5 miles and landed in an unpopulated area near the airport. When it blew up it was LOUD! and made a big fireball. I thought “That wasn’t a very good idea”. Next thing I know, I hear that the police are looking for me. So I go to the police station but they’re closed. (Weird, I know.) There’s two girls in the parking lot, just leaving. I tell them who I am an why I’m there. They tell me the police were looking for me because two pieces of garbage were found with my name on it. The garbage was found up in the US (in an area I’ve never been). Weird, huh? When I was in the Navy, my ship had tartar missiles, that’s how I know what type it was.
I didn’t dive this weekend. I thought about it, but didn’t.
Tomorrow is the beach walk again. I’ve called the Biologist Girl several times but her phone just rings out with no voice mail. I wonder how many times I have to show up on her caller ID as a missed call before she thinks I become considered a nuisance. I’ve had a rule for quite some time that I will only call someone 3 times, if she doesn’t respond, I won’t call back. So basically I will call with a 3-1 ratio. I will call you three times to your once. Maybe if the Biologist Girl doesn’t have voicemail, she doesn’t have caller ID either, but I don’t see how that’s possible. I’m calling to ask her out, not about beach walking, (some of you already know this). I’m not sure my 3 call rule is a good rule, because nobody I want to go out with ever calls back, ever. Well, almost never.
I lost a tiny bit of rubber from the inside of my underwater camera housing. It is important because without it, the lever for the on/off switch doesn’t reach the switch. I’m thinking it will show up when I sweep the floor or something, but in the meantime I have to fabricate something to get the lever working. I spent a little time changing batteries before I figured out why it wouldn’t turn on.
I have a really good camera that I seldom use, because it’s too big to carry around, but I carry my little underwater camera with me because it’s smaller. I want to take the good one. I’m thinking that if I bought a new huger lens that I would want to carry the camera that’s too big around more. weird logic, isn’t it?
Have a wonderful day.

0 thoughts on “Restless Irritable and Discontented

  1. Funny dream. I wonder what a dream analyzer would have to say about that one. If she doesn’t have voice mail odds are that she doesn’t have caller id. If you are too cheap to pay for voice mail or even a cheap answering machine I would think you wouldn’t spring for caller id. Just my opinion. Who knows, maybe she already has a restraining order out on you for excessive calling. And furthermore, if she doesn’t answer and doesn’t have voice mail does that count as a call in the 3 call limit? I would say no.

  2. I would like to get an underwater camera. That would give me more than enough reason to make more trips to the beach! I fully understand the camera issues. I did take a crappy small camera to Barbados. Well, you know the pics were bad and I was annoyed with myself that I didn’t take a decent camera.I think you should keep calling Bio girl. You want an answer don’t you? I can’t imagine someone not returning your calls. Unless it’s just that you are on your best behavior here with us.

  3. Daisy, I was worried about setting off some US homeland security alarm with this post, with the words “airport” and “missile” in the same sentence.The number I have is her work cell phone. Who knows what her work will pay for?!?! Don’t call my future girlfriend cheap! Carnealian, If you want an U/W camera, then get one! they’re good for land too!I think you should post about Barbados, with some of your pics!