What a joke. I’ve been through the airport 5 times with this stainless steel bottle, and not once has it been scrutinized. Yesterday, they took a small 4 OZ botle of suntan lotion in my computer backback. When he found it, I could see the agents demeanor change, like, AHA! Victory!! He tells me with glee, “You can’t take this on the plane!”
Meanwhile there’s pounds of computer accessories, batteries, battery chargers and all kinds of metal in my backpack that he ignored. Not to mention this bottle, that could have had literally anything in it.
On hindsight, I believe they saw that suntan lotion on the X Ray machine and were looking for it specifically, and the goal of finding SUCH a forbidden item caused them to ignore everything else. It’s a joke. Taking my suntan lotion will surely prevent terrorism. Ridiculous.

Of course, after typing this I’ve probably jinxed myself, and I’ll probably get super searched every time from now on!

0 thoughts on “Ridiculous

  1. Yea, last time we flew, we were attempting to take on the dreaded, unopened bottle of water. They must have some collection of crap that they won’t let people take on board. Flying is becoming such a nightmare.

  2. Hey, you wouldn’t want the terrorists to win now, would you?The house looks good, I like the sun you put up on the front.Maybe a de-humidifier would work in your store-room……and maybe when your in-laws leave, you’ll stop grinding your teeth 😉