Roller Coaster Screaming!

I had a great day today. I went to Stingray City with some tourists. There were these two girls, about 6 or 8 years old. They were afraid to get in with the stingrays. Finally one decided to get in, she was clinging to me for dear life. The first stingray came by, and she practically climbed all the way out of the water on me. I told her, don’t take your mask out of the water, look at the stingray, it won’t hurt you, and you can push it away if it gets too close.
She wanted to get out almost immediately. But the second little girl said, “I wanna get in with you”, pointing at me.

So she got in the water, grabbed onto my wetsuit and finally touched a stingray. Then the first girl wanted to get back in too.
So, I had these two little girls, one under each arm, with their tiny little masks and fins, their knees up to their chests, holding onto me for dear life, while I swam around with them and the stingrays. They were screaming through their snorkels the whole time. I asked if they were OK, they screamed “YES!” I asked if they wanted to get out, they screamed “NOOO!”
I had a blast, and I felt like such a hero taking care of them. They never let go of me for a second. When they got out, they ran to their parents yelling how excellent it was. Later their parents told me they were surprised the girls got in with the stingrays, surprised they stayed in the water so long, and surprised they touched the stingrays, and that I did a really good job with them.
Later, they rode on a jet ski, with their father driving, they came cruising by, screaming again.
Roller Coaster Screaming!

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  1. Sorry but there is NO WAY I would be getting in pool with stingrays! Far out.. they can kill you!!!Brave parents too… letting thier kids in there.I'm glad you had a good time and felt so good about it all.did you see my Old world map on the wall??? (today's post)

  2. I could visualize the whole screaming senario, and had to laugh at the thought of you with those 2 little girls, one under each arm. You gave them an experience they will FOREVER remember!! You really ARE a hero!! That was so nice of you…I would love to go and touch them. Do they feel like a Dolphin? Kinda rubbery? Love the photo. If we ever get to your fine country, I'm gonna look you up, so you can take me!!…debbie

  3. The stingrays are beautiful and fun to swim with. I wish I could see some more often!Great post, Mark! I can totally picture you laughing into your snorkel with the girls.