Red Wasp

I dreamed a lot last night. I dreamed I was in a boat crash. I was on a boat and there were waves. The captain accelerated at exactly the wrong time, up the face of a wave. We got airborn, and the nose of the boat hit perpendicular into the face of the next wave. We went completely under, and through the wave. Then the boat popped up on her ass, and fell over upside down. I ducked when we went through the wave, then into the water before the boat turned over.
After the crash, I was looking for my wife. Swimming and asking people, but nobody could hear me. I was swimming and swimming, looking for her. Pretty soon I was swimming in canals yelling to people in their back yards. I was freaking out, looking for her. I tried not to wake up, because I had to find her, but then I did wake up anyway, and she was laying right next to me. I felt really really really glad that it was just a dream.Another dream I had was about a red wasp, but I can’t remember any more than that. Just a red wasp, hovering like one of those big helicopters.

0 thoughts on “Red Wasp

  1. I hate those kinds of dreams. I've had those where I'm searching for my kids after a tornado, and its the worst feeling in the world. That's one reason why I tell them I love them every chance I get. 🙂

  2. For Goodness Sakes Mark!! lol What in the devil do you eat at night?!? lol A very nice photo of a red wasp. But you keep him. I am not fond of wasp, no matter what color!!…debbie