Ruff Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a rough day. First off, Crazy Daisy Dukes was misbehaving worse than normal. Then, my little plumbing job tured into a disaster and I had to call a plumber. That took all day. Nextly my Thursday night meeting, first time we had it in-person since March 19th because of covid, didn’t go well. Only two people showed up, it was hot and buggy, the place was under remodelling and there were building materials everywhere. I was unscrewing a lightbulb, and tripped on some boards, dropped the light bulb, caught it, and it broke in my hands. I recieved a thousand tiny cuts on the front and back of my hands. Lotsa blood. Then when I got home, I got into a petty argument about nuttin’ with the wife.

It doesn’t sound so bad, written in a paragraph like that, but it was a rough day.

Lets make today better than yesterday, shall we?

Over and out.