Saturday Evening Post

Saturday Evening Post! That would be a great name for a newspaper!

Above is a video of how I spent the morning, laying in the hammock in the back yard. This post could have also been entitled “I Should Have Been Mowing The Yard.”

My view from the hammock

The wife had to work today, and I’ve been thinking about breaking out the hammock, so today I did it. It was quite nice, laying out there, reading my book. All morning. I went out about 10, and shortly after noon, I felt the first drop of rain. By the time I got the hammock down, it was pouring.

Custom Hammock Trees

I planted these two trees so I could hang the hammock from them, I wish I had placed them just a little further apart.

Ashy The Missing Cat

The cat was missing this morning, I had let her out, and didn’t know the wife had let her back in before going to work. I searched everywhere, and finally found her, back wall, bedroom closet. Her secret spot. It was completely black there, except for the camera flash.

After laying in the hammock, finding the cat and making a little lunch, I decided a nap was in order. I woke up at 5:21 PM, astounded I slept so long, from about 1 till after 5!

Tonight the wife and I are going to her friends birthday party. I think she mentioned a Mexican theme. I hope there’s tacos!

I did manage a wee bit of productivity today, I cleaned the birdbath and separated two plants, I had put the trailer from one nto a pot of dirt next to it, and it had rooted pretty good, so I snipped the crossovers and now have two separate plants.

In the short time I’ve been typing this, it has gone from “good light” to “completely dark”, so I have to post this and get ready for the party.

Have a great evening and Super Sunday!

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