Saturday Non-Subject

I was sound asleep last night when I was awakened by a loud knocking on the door. It was a fellow employee, telling me we were off the air. It was a little before midnight. Everyone had been trying to call but I didn’t hear my phone at all. I got up and dressed, put the dog in the car, went to work, got my tools and keys, and went to the transmitter site. I have a weird problem, I think it’s an intermittent relay. It was easy to fix, but the difficulty lays in finding the cause. I replaced the relay and if it screws up again, I’ll replace the other one. My dog hates the transmitter room.
Anyway, I got home after one AM and listened to some shortwave for a while and went to sleep. Now I am awake and drinking coffee but haven’t studied. And it’s hard to study because my schedule says now is not the time for studying.
Today I wanted to go to the beach but it’s cloudy.

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  1. I deleted two smart-ass comments from here. They were both from a person in Washington DC.One was a link to a ‘find your first love’ website, the other one just said “slippery” I’ll turn off anonomyous comments if I have to.