Saturday SwiftKey Test

I’m trying SwiftKey again. The spell checker that works with an external keyboard. Last time, it worked in the beginning but then weirdly swapped keyboard characters.

Last night I had a pretty pleasant dream, I was at the beach and a dolphin got washed ashore. I picked up the baby dolphin and put her back in the sea. It was like a cartoon dolphin, big eyes, overly cute.

Last week, I had another dream that I still remember. This girl from work and I were going to become knights. We were sitting on the floor, waiting to get our helmets and armor when her phone started ringing. I looked at her, wondering why she didn’t answer her phone, but it wasn’t her phone, it was my alarm clock. An thus ended the dream.

I’ve decided I don’t really need Swiftkey, the only time I need a spell checker is when I don’t know how to spell a word. I’ll leave it on for awhile, being aware that every keystroke is sent to SwiftKey.

2 thoughts on “Saturday SwiftKey Test

  1. I didn’t even think about sending everything I type to Grammarly or LanguageTool. Although I desperately need a spell checker, I might forgo the online ones.

  2. Swiftkey is the only one I’ve foundthat works with an external keyboard

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