Scaredy Cat Dawg

Lenny’s been here the whole weekend now. By last night, I was getting pretty annoyed, overall. I feel a refreshed attittude this morning.

Falling asleep sitting up.

The dog is afraid of everything, the cats. The wife and I. everything except Sheba.We call him, treat in hand, and he stands there, looking at us, tail wagging. Then he runs away. Call Sheba, treat in hand, they both come. (Only Sheba gets the treat when that happens.)

You can sometimes pet his head, but he keeps his body away, and he runs if you try to scratch his back. He won’t go through a door, untill finally, he goes screetching past, can’t stop, and crashes into the wall. And you can’t wipe his muddy feet before he goes upstairs. If we’re all sitting in the living room, and you get up, he gets up too and runs to the far side of the room.

I rekkon he was abused somewhere along the line, and he’s gonna be a tough nut to crack.

One thing he does love, is walks. Hold open the leash, and he puts his head right through.

He crapped on the porch once over the weekend, and I saw that he’s full of worms. And he has a problem with his right rar leg, which we haven’t been able to check out.

It rained all weekend, cold rain. Should be clearing up for the work week, of course!

Have a wonderful first full week of the year!

6 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat Dawg

  1. Back to the vet you go. I’m surprised they didn’t check him for worms before you got him.

    My daughter and SiL’s dog is 13 and she still won’t let stranger’s near her. When I go over there she runs up to me, gets her petting, then runs off. If she wants something I can pet her all day. Use the leash and walking time to grab her, pet her, and hug her.

    • We also found a very mature tick on his side, wonder how they gave him a bath the day we picked him up without finding that?

  2. He does sound like he was abused, poor guy. He’ll come around eventually. It hard to believe the vet didn’t know of the worms and tick, glad you did.

    • Kinda hard to figure when, we were told he was “born in the woods” then got captured by the Agriculture Department, the to the Humane Society.
      He’s goin’ to the vet Saturday.

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