Schedule Conflict

Not much to post today. I have a veterinarian’s appointment today (for my dog) but I just remembered, every Wednseday I have to work late for the talk show. So this morning I have to call the vet and re-schedule.
I’m trying to maintain a better attitude at work. My problem is lack of self control. I have to stop myself from acting even when I get angry. I always take everything so personally. I don’t know why I just typed that. Probably sign that I will go postal today! Hooo Ray!
My dive watch is in the shop. I have my old 1982 Casio waterproof-to-200-metres on, which, except for batteries twice, has never failed me. It costed an astronomical $40, a lot way back then.
I am still on my first cup of coffee.
See ya

0 thoughts on “Schedule Conflict

  1. Hey, don’t wanna read about you in the papers! Unless it’s for something good. What a bargain on the watch! My husband got some expensive Seiko (I think) divers watch and it was really good. Except he never went diving! Hey, but it held up fine in a pool or in the shower 🙂

  2. Better to vent here than going off on someone. ;)Thanks for stoipping by again, and I hope you have a great 2006!

  3. Yeah, I was wondering how it went myself! Hopefully you found creative ways to get that aggression out, or just the bloggin’ did it for ya. 😉 I sure relate to having an issue with biting my tongue (or rather *not* biting it when I should!).

  4. Hi Mark. Sometimes biting your tongue is really hard to do, especially for someone as verbal as I am. I had an issue today where I did NOT bite my tongue and I hope it got some attention!