See Saw

It seems like life is almost always in balance. Whenever something gets better in my life, at the same time something gets worse.
A relationship with one person will improve, while at the same time a relationship with another person will deteriorate. (It seems like I always have a problem with someone) Or one part of my live gets better, like work, while at the same time problems develop at home or with friends. And money, I get rid of one expense and along comes a new one.
Using this theroy, I should be able to look around and see something good every time something goes wrong, but it’s very difficult. It takes continuous effort to look for the good in life instead of focusing on what’s wrong.
Yesterday first thing I was marveling at the perfect weather, early in the morning, Then for a while it was kind of rough. The OI Girl and I were ready to go diving, all the equipment was in my car and we were ready to leave. The other divers were en route to the site and the ball was rolling. Then I get a call from someone at the other radio stations, one of their 4 stations is off the air, and they want me to go fix it. I said I couldn’t. But I felt very guilty like I should. They don’t have anyone to fix it but me. If I had gone to fix it, the OI Girl would have killed me. Plus I worked Saturday and I really wanted to go diving. I was plagued by guilt and stress. It was one of the rare times that my problems followed me underwater.
When we got out of the water, their station was back on the air, so I rekkon it was a simple problem.
Then we went and had a nice lunch then the beach at a new spot.

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  1. I think it’s important to always focus on the positive. I know it’s hard and I don’t always do it, but I try and remind myself. My boyfriend is an electrical engineer, he could potentially do your job. So any time you want to trade, let me know!!!

  2. sometimes it’s easier to call someone to come fix something than it is to figure out what was wrong and try to fix it yourself. Maybe that is just what happened. I am glad you stood your ground. They won’t be as quick to call you next time. They’ll try to fix it themselves first. A nice lunch on the beach was worth it.