Sheba Got 'Fixed'

Broken is more like it. She went to the vet yesterday morning and came home in the afternoon. Groggy. Here’s her new scar.

Don’t be fooled by the cute pic, this dog has a drinking problem, she drinks excessively, and pees on the floor, then immediately goes and guzzles more water. Stubborn as a mule too.

0 thoughts on “Sheba Got 'Fixed'

  1. you scared me ther for a minute; I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at in the picture. then my brain started to function and all was well.Poor Sheba’s boo boo. She is so pretty! BTW, having her fixed should also calm her down ALOT. No tto mention it will save a male doggie from getting anal sac carninoma like my doggie died of. Thanks for being a responsible, loving pet owner.