Sheba, Queen of the Back Porch

The other day, I gave Sheba a bath in the late afternoon. Because of her thick, luxurious, beautiful hair, she was still wet around bedtime. SOOO The Wife whipped out the hair dryer and dried Sheba. I thought Sheba would be afraid of the noisy, hot air blowing, wind machine, but nope, she loved it. Spoiled brat!
Yeah, we’re both just girls, hanging out at the beauty salon. How’r you today?
Aren’t you supposed to give me a magazine to read?
Yeah, I’ll leave you a good tip… (snicker snicker….)

Also, I designed and installed an underwater lighting system for our pool. Below is a picture. Actually I just put one of my underwater scuba lights in the pool. Good for night swimming. It looks like this:
Last night I had a cool dream that I had a rats tail on the back of my head. It must have been back in my high school hippie days because I found it in my hair. I was going to cut it off, but hesitated because I figured there was blood and bone in there, so I didn’t. I went to the doctor to have it removed but decided to keep it. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a rats tail on the back of your head? You could thoughtfully scratch your forehead with it during an important conversation with your boss, and hundreds of other uses! I have made my font rattail gray for this paragraph!!!

It’s Friday! Yeay! Have a good weekend everybody!!

6 thoughts on “Sheba, Queen of the Back Porch

  1. Interesting dream. But, really, I'd have the rat tail taken off. The girls look like they are having fun. Love the light under the pool. Looks cool. (a rhyme just for you)

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