Sheba The Werewolf

I have this bench/lounge bed that I made for outside out of old scaffolding. It is the only thing that Sheba regularly chews. Day before yesterday I came home and found more missing chunks and Sheba acting guilty. I put her if front of the damage, showed her the wood chunks and told her NO! With a whack on the ass.
I know she knows, because she acts guilty and she won’t come because she knows what I want to talk to her about.
Yesterday afternoon I came home and it was worse than ever. She had chewed that bench from end to end. Maybe she thinks I’m telling her to chew more?
Yesterday afternoon I got the kennel from downstairs.
I had my doubts the OI Girl could get Sheba in there before she went to worrk.

She said Sheba walked right in.

Maybe she’s like someone who know they will become a werewolf when the moon gets full, “Lock me up so I won’t chew the bench!”

0 thoughts on “Sheba The Werewolf

  1. Or maybe she thinks “If I am in the kennel and the bench gets chewed up more, then he will KNOW it’s not me!” Poor Sheba. LOL

  2. Try spraying the bench with white vinegar….it doesn’t smell too bad and usually does the trick in stopping animals from touching or chewing or peeing where they shouldn’t. Not sure why…. but it works!!