Sick boy

Night before last, I came home from diving and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, the air in the room was intolerably cold. I ran and jumped into bed with two blankets, wondering why I was so freezing. I ended up being incredibly sick and delerious. It was a miserable night. Yesterday morning I went to the dive shop and told them I wouldn’t be diving that day. I moved my rebreather to a nice shady spot and covered it in towels. Then I came back home and went to bed and stayed there all day. Last night I was feeling a lot better and went out and got some chicken noodle soup. Then I went back to bed and this morning I feel a lot better still.
But that’s why I didn’t post yesterday.

0 thoughts on “Sick boy

  1. Damn, that sucks, being sick on vacation. You should get a free pass on working for the days you spend sick. I don’t know of any employer that does that, but man, wouldn’t it be nice?