Six weeks

Today marks six weeks since my hernia operation. It was my understanding that I would be 100% recovered by now. Well, I’m doing ok, but I’m not 100 %. I still have my scar, it’s still red and it still hurts, like if I sit and bend over it feels like I’m squeezing a golf ball between my leg and stomach. I don’t think anything is wrong, But I’m not fully healed.
Hurricane Dean is still right on track and headed right for us. The track hasn’t changed much since the original projection. Compare the pic above and the pic below

0 thoughts on “Six weeks

  1. Mark, I am praying that this hurricane will pass you by without any damage. As soon as you can, let us all know you are ok. As for your scar, try coating it with vitamin E oil. It TRULY helps to soften the scar and take the redness away. If your pain continues, especially since it’s been 6 weeks already, something MAY BE WRONG. Don’t be a Mr. Macho. Get it checked out.Hope everything is ok.Hugs coming your way.