Slow Computers


You’ve read about how I”d like to eliminate Microsoft from my life, I seldom use my laptop any more. Of course,  I use Microsoft all over the place at work, but there’s not much I can do about that.
Anyway, my little-used laptop seems to have suddenly slowed down to a crawl. Lately, I use it mostly to convert movie files from .mkv and .mp4 to .avi. I used to be able to do about 10 45 minute programs in about 4 hours, but for the past two days, it’s been much much slower, like one 45 minute program in two hours.

And I notice this slowness elsewhere with this computer. I think It’s time for a new laptop…. Mine is ancient.

It was a good weekend. Saturday beach, Sunday boat. I felt much more inexperienced Sunday than I felt last time I went out on the boat.

Now it’s Monday, and I think tomorrow is payday!

Have ye a good week.

2 thoughts on “Slow Computers

  1. Don’t talk about slow computers. Ours went on a go slow so cleaned it out and it was still slow. Got a new one and like blooming Lazarus it rose from the dead. Now we have two. Typical. Glad you had a good weekend.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. mine slows down sometimes and i worry the hard drive is going. i do cache dumps and defrags now and again to help it along, hoping…

    glad you’re doing well with your boat!

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