Small chapter over

A small, insignificant chapter of my life is over.

I was briefly working at a job I hated. I applied for the job, because mostly, of the salary. I interviewed, and they were impressed with my qualifications and talked about me repairing computers and networking equipment, copiers and any equipment any customer brought into the store. I was to make a great addition to the range of services that the store could offer to the public.

I got hired by the manager and started working there, and things were pretty good. One day a few guys come walking into the shop, and they are from a small business that the OWNER let use space in the store in exchange for – – – repairing computers and anything people brought into the store. In other words, the manager hired me for a specific purpose one day, the next day the owner hired someone for the same purpose. My instinct told me to quit on the spot right then and there, but I didn’t.

Once I had a shrink tell me she never met anyone who DIDN’T listen to their inner voice as much as I didn’t.

The next thing ya know, I’m working on only copiers. And deep down inside, I couldn’t give a rats ass about copiers, (although these particular ones were pretty cool).

And, there was training, online courses, required by the manufacturer. I started hearing complaints when I was doing the courses at work, like it was goofing off. (training was promised at the interview, and is required for the store to be a dealership). I WAS doing the courses at home as well as work, but when I started feeling pressure to do them exclusively at home, I started doing them exclusively at work. I am a good employee, and would have gotten the courses done as quickly as possible, by working at home, because I WANTED to, but don’t try to force me to do something you can’t force me to do. I was never getting paid to work at home.

I heard complaints if I took my break, to which I was entitled, but I quit taking them.

Then there were rumors of cranking up the work hours to the maximum allowed by law – for no real reason.

The store manager quit making eye contact.

Then every other day was talk about how I was redundant because the small business was there to work on computers and I started to hate going to work. On the road was OK, repairing machines, but at the shop, in the store, it sucked.

I started looking for a new job, ready to quit when I found one, and at the same time, my own business, CayTronics started getting busier.

Wednesday, the salesman came and said he wanted to talk to me in his office. I went up and he was in the managers office, and they let me go, (with severance pay). I suspected it was coming, and I was ready to quit anyway, but if I quit, I wouldn’t have gotten the severance pay, which is a cool bonus. (If I ever actually get it)

(I realize the manager was under pressure form the owner, which is why he was acting weird, no eye contact, having the salesman come get me instead of doing it himself, so no problem there.)

I feel much better to be out of that place. (although I believe a crappy job is better than no job). I have several good prospects for my own business. And I’m free to search for something I like better. I feel sorry for the other technician, my co-worker. He is a cool guy. One day, one of my worst there, he spilled cyan toner all over the front of his shirt and started cussing. I laughed and told him that was my only smile so far that day. I feel sad that I never go to say good bye to him when I left.

I didn’t post yesterday, because my internet was down. Somehow the phone company reset my modem, and I couldn’t get access to the web. I did a reset to get access to the modem, but there is a password needed to access the internet. I had to take my modem tho the phone company. Now, since I got the modem back home, I found the technician changed the password to access the modem, and if I reset it, I still may not have the password to access the net, so I’m going back today to bitch about it.

4 thoughts on “Small chapter over

  1. Clever lad for at least getting the severance pay! I say no job over crappy job (even better to be ones own boss). Maybe you get a thrill out of the extra hassle but listening to that inner voice can genuinely spare you a lot of trouble 🙂

  2. Sorry it sucked so bad. Better will come along, and maybe Caytronics will take off now. If it does, you can hire me, LOL. Or maybe you could just have me on contract, giving me some of your excess stuff, I don't know. Just don't treat me like these arseholes did you and we'll be good!

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