So Much For My Beach Day..

I took three days “use it or lose it” vacation.  (I have to use it before the end of the year because I’m already transferring the max number of days to next year). The whole time, it’s been sunny and nice. I’ve been doing projects around the house the. No diving, no beach. Yesterday, a gorgeous day, I promised myself I was going to the beach. Screw the projects. Today is lugubrious and cold, howling wind, rain. Definitely not a beach day. Sigh, I guess I could install this ceiling fan…

Cold, cloudy and windy out the window

Back to work tomorrow, It’ll be nice and sunny again….

6 thoughts on “So Much For My Beach Day..

    • I control the weather. I ride my scooter to work, it rains. It’s raining, I put the house plants outside, it stops before the last one gets out there. Every. Single. Time.

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