Spooky Scissors

I have a pair of those first aid type of scissors, the kind they cut a penny in half with on TV years ago. Exactly like the ones in the picture. Last night they were missing. I asked the OI Girl if she’d seen them, she said she just used them and they were right there. I couldn’t find them, she came out and looked and she couldn’t find them. I said “Oh well”, slightly peeved. She went back in the room to email, a minute later I went back there. 5 minutes later, we both come to the kitchen and the scissors are right there, sitting on the counter, near the edge, way out in the open. No way they were there when we were looking for them.
The OI Girl was telling me the other day she was hearing some weird noises when she was home alone. I remember when I first moved into this apartment, that I’d occasionally hear the sound of someone exhaling very close to me, like they were hiding, holding their breath and couldn’t hold it anymore. I wonder if we’ve got ghosties???

0 thoughts on “Spooky Scissors

  1. You just never know. I worked in an old jail where all kinds of weird stuff used to happen. I’m not saying I believe in ‘ghosts’…but there are some things that just can’t be rationalized away.Good luck with that.