The weather here has been following a strange pattern. It is nice and sunny in the morning, then around noon it gets cloudy and rains and thunders, then at about 4 or 5 it clears up again.
It just hit me that this is going to be one of those days I can’t think of anything to post.
My BBC receiver at work seems to be failing. It stays locked onto the receiver, but looses audio. that was the original symptom, before the guy dropped a tree on the dish. That added to the problem quite a bit.
Also I stole dirt this morning, There’s a construction site across the street, and this morning I went over there and stole a flower pot full of dirt.
I signed up for an on-line college. Cleveland Institute of Electronics. My resume has gotten kind of stagnant, my current employer has provided zero training so I decided to do something on my own. Hopefully it will be challenging without being too difficult. Most of the info in the course I have already had. If I need help I will be asking you. And my study habits have gone to crap.

0 thoughts on “SSDD

  1. Oh so you are a dirt thief, eh? A dirty dirt thief! ;-)The online college sounds like a neat thing to do. Let us know how it goes.

  2. I guess I wasn’t awake yet when I read your post this morning…how did I miss you stealing dirt? And…uh…you just gonna leave us hanging on what the dirt was for?

  3. Kelli, I guess the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. I put a cactus in it.Daisy, yes, I guess that makes me a dirty dirt thief!Sounds BAD!

  4. Awww!! I’m telling on you!!!! Stealing dirt! Next you’ll be stealing cars!Good luck on the schooling…I’m sure you’ll do well. You have the desire. That’s half the battle!

  5. Well, I did it…it’s in it’s beginning phase, but every journey begins with jumping in the water. Right?Come see…you seem to have some pretty cool friends around and they are invited too. I had planned on having engraved invitations done but the printers couldn’t get them done in time.Kelli