Still Not Lovin It.

I have complied with Bloggers every request. I have switched to Chrome. I don’t like Chrome, mainly because there’s no menu bar. Bloggers new interface makes the menu bar more necessary. For example, try this: While editing a post, select an image to move by cutting and pasting. When you right click to select “cut” the image deselects, and you can’t cut… Need that menu bar.
If you look at my recent posts, you’ll see huge spaces between paragraphs that I can’t get rid of. They’re not in the editor.
The menu bar is essential, especially with Google Chrome and the new Blogger interface combined.

Yesterday I showed a “reading list” button (that didn’t work) that was supposed to go to the blogs I’m following. Today I can’t find that button anymore. Apparently, now I can’t access the Blogs I’m following from the Blogger control panel! That is just STUPID!!! I suppose I have to exit Blogger completely to see my blog reading list using Google Reader.  I’m trying to think of ANYTHING better about the new interface, but can’t. The new font colors maybe??? Nah.

However, I’m done complaining about it.
I walk the dogs and come back with pictures of cats! How does that work? Here’s some pics from our walk this morning.
Six cats following us.
Lee and Goldie
The Catpile
Al Bina 

7 thoughts on “Still Not Lovin It.

  1. I decided to try the new Blogger face and have had no trouble with it, so far. The cats are sweet and especially the white one licking her chops. Al Bina…interesting name : )

  2. Mark..there is a menu bar. You just need to enable it. If you go to the Wrench in Chrome..Choose Settings…Under the Toolbar Section. Check the Box for always show home and always show the Bookmarks Bar.That should fix ya…

  3. I just don't understand why they changed the Blogger format. I mean, what is better about it? It's just like facebook or anything else…the changes people ask for don't happen, the changes no one even thought about or cares about happen all the time. I want to tell them to just keep their damn twitchy fingers off!

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