Stop Blowing

I have a friend coming on a cruise ship tomorrow. The Carnival Magic. The weather here is very windy and there is a rumor that all the cruise ships have canceled this whole week because of rough seas. I sure hope not. I need the wind to stop blowing TODAY!!
The friend visiting is a friend from grade school and high school who I haven’t seen in about 35 years. Thank you Facebook for helping me find so many old friends.

4 thoughts on “Stop Blowing

  1. OH!!! STOP BLOWING WIND!! HOW HORRIBLE!! Hope it stops so you can see your friend from so long ago!! What a great Reunion!!!!! Will cross my fingers! …debbie

  2. I am putting out good vibes to you and yours all the way from Arkham here. I will do my best to keep the shitty weather here for another day or two…

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