Well, I called the help number. I got it explained to me and I understand the solution. I didn’t realize that both the problems I had were the same. After I finish this lesson and the next, I’m a quarter of the way through. I think. I haven’t seen the second half yet.

Today it’s work, then beach then work again.

It seems like the OI Girl and I are getting along better these days. My heart feels fonder. I’m not saying there was a time when we didn’t get along. I am just saying things seem better. Better on top of good already.

Just because it seems like I haven’t posted a pic in awhile, here’s a pic of cemetary beach, across the street. Looking kinda north, kinda west.

0 thoughts on “Success!

  1. One day, I’m going to be independently wealthy because the big, fat money fairy is going to drop a ton of money and me and i’m going to come and sit on that very beach!

  2. I’ve been in class all week and its been kicking my ass…. 8 1/2 hours same subject… killing me…………tomorrow is Thursday, I’m over halfway done. 🙂 but I have to pass a test on Friday. Wish me luck.

  3. It’s kind of a residential beach. It’s called Cemetary Beach and it’s maybe 100 meters from the road. It does get a little busy in the day, but never like OC or Va Beach.Good Luck Debbie! I aced the one that was giving me trouble!