Suddenly a GIANT BAT swooped down out of the sky!!

Yesterday my wife was driving us downtown and I had the camera and was just taking random pictures as we drove.

Suddenly a giant bat swooped down and started flying in front of the car! It was HUGE! Mildly, I said, “It looks like there’s a giant bat flying if front of the car.” My wife said “Oh yeah”. We were strangely calm in what could have been the last few seconds of our lives.

I’m surprised nobody else saw it, that it wasn’t in the news, like Godzilla or something!

Then I realized it was a little spotted eagle ray hanging from my wifes rear view mirror!
Boy was I embarassed!

3 thoughts on “Suddenly a GIANT BAT swooped down out of the sky!!

  1. I bet when you started blogging you never in your wildest dreams thought you would be commenting about some 50 year old woman's quilt and how beautiful it was! You crack me up, thanks for the comment… it made me laugh! It was nice of you to even think of it.. REALLY!!!

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